Through the Prophet's Eye

August 26th, 2009 Session

The Great Train Ride

The Night bridging the 7th and 8th day of Barrakas.

The Session begins with the characters preparing for the Rail Guards to enter their car and attack them. At first only Thorn is holding the door, and is forced to give ground by a rushing Rail Guard, but in quick order the team formed a front line and dealt with the four warforged attackers.

With the human agent on the move the team quickly gives pursuit into the second car. The human rushed towards the car before his, only to find that a line of gawkers were blocking the door. The agent climbed a ladder next to the door to the top of the box car, and ran out of sight. Corvus was the first to make it to the ladder, but when he climbed up he found not only the human agent, but also seven warforged Rail Guards waiting for him. Corvus quickly dropped back down to the space between the car doors, and allowed a more “hearty” ally to lead the way. Thorn and his Pet took up that challenge, moving to engage the warforged. Unfortunately the warforged appeared to be ideal for fighting on top of the Lightning Rail. Not long after Thorn had finally gotten on top of the car, two Guards in the back used some sort of force weapons to push him of the back. Thorn was able to recover and grab the side, but this event would prove to be a theme for the upcoming battle.

As the group members were able to gain a place on the roof of the car, they proceeded again to form their defensive line against the Rail Guards, with the added nuisance of the two Snipers in the back taking potshots at them, and occasionally knocking people off the roof, or at least prone. Gaius was the first to try and deal with the annoying Snipers, by way of a thundering leap of arcane power. Unfortunately the warforged seemed to be anchored by their feet to the roof of the Lightning Rail. As the battle back at the defensive line continued the warforged Captain made his way to the front, and added his powerful attacks to attempt to knock members of the group from the top of the train. Corvus summoned one of his Punishing Eyes to add pain to each blow the allies landed on their enemies, and Armigero landed brutal hammer blows upon the Rail Guards before him. Gromril was able to start forcing his way amongst the enemies ranks, and with the force of his shield and hammer, he was able to start pushing the guards around too. As with Gaius’s attack earlier, it seemed that the guards were secured to the roof through their feet, but after a mighty blow from Gromril one of the guards foot anchors broke loose, and he seemed unable to secure himself again.

Gaius gave chase to the human agent, but when he finally got close to him, he found that the agent appeared to be waiting for something. From the Lightning Rail Engine came forth a wave of lightning, that rippled down the length of the train, as it came towards the agent, he performed an acrobatic leap that escaped the wave of electricity; the party was not as lucky. The wave rippled past the entire team causing burns and scorch marks in its wake, but the Rail Guards with working foot anchors appeared undamaged by the wave. Corvus, Thorn, and Armigero would all endure attempts to knock them off of the car, but none of them were ever thrown off; in fact at one point the Armigero even remembered his earlier investment in some spiked sole components that he had installed, thus preventing him from being pushed off at one point. Through the use of his shield and hammer Gromril was able to knock defending guards around, eventually pitching a couple of them off the side of the rail, while a bolt of lightning from Gaius was able to bring down one of the Snipers. As the numbers shifted to the party’s advantage, they were able to surround the Captain, so as to bring him down with repeated attacks. Thorn sent his squig after the remaining Sniper, and while the beast could not bring the enemy down, it at least was able to keep him busy, while the party was engaged with the Captain.

Gaius seeing that his friends had the battle well in hand took off after the agent again. The agent proved to be crafty and agile, but in the end he would be no match for Gaius’s arcane power. The chase eventually ended when the agent was not able to get into one of the forward cars, and had to double-back into a cargo car. There Gaius was able to fry him within an inch of his life, and force his surrender.

The rest of the team joined Gaius within the cargo car, and began to question the agent, Bob. Bob proved to be quite helpful, and gave forth the limited information that he had, including an understanding that the King had been assassinated, and that the group responsible matched the descriptions of the party members. At the party’s urging Bob disconnected the cars that the party had fought in or around, and made up a story for the remaining guards and engineers that the Rail had been attacked. The trailing cars would now act as a road block for any Lightning Rails chasing the party, and the loss of the weight allowed their train to speed up on its way to Three Rail Junction. The party had Bob consume a Sleeping solution so he would not be able to cause any further issues, and later the Engineers gave the party a reward for “helping repel the bandits.”

Upon their arrival in Three Rail the team got away from the train station as quickly as possible. The started searching through the town, and were eventually pointed to Burble’s House of Books, and the owner Burble. Corvus was entranced by a magic sign hung above the counter in Burble’s store, and was only released from it once Burble was assured that the party was not there to take his store from him on behalf of House Sivis. Once the party had the chance to meet him they found Burble to be a friendly enough character, and he seemed fairly forthcoming with information, especially after he was told of the Parties connection to The Prophet David.

During their conversation with Burble, he revealed that The Prophet David was in fact Da’Vidorak, a dragon that was an expert on the Draconic Prophecy. Burble explained that in his relationship with Da’Vidorak the dragon had spoken about The Nine on multiple occasions. It seems that the dragon was preoccupied with finding and saving them. As the party explained their predicament to Burble, he outlined key groups that may be able to help them in the future. Burble’s strongest form of assistance was the production of a Gufu Bag for each of them that would apparently help shield them from being tracked magically. The gnome did ask for something in return though, the one thing he apparently craved the most, knowledge. Burble gave them a small Whisper Stone that the party could use to communicate and trade information with the gnome.

The gnome had many suggestions, they included winning the favor or support of certain power groups: House Ghallanda, the house is well known to provide safe house protection to all guests within their Houses of Welcome; House Tharashk, this houses finders would end up being some of the primary people sent to collect them; House Medani, for the same reasons as House Tharashk; House Orien, because of their control of overland transport; House Lyrander, for their control of Airship and Seaship travel; and House Sivis, because of their influence within Zilargo and their knowledge of the Draconic Prophecy. Besides the Power Groups, Burble also suggested that there may be some locations the characters could consider running to: Sharn, anyone can get lost in that city; Thrane, due to their already well known dislike for Breland; Zilargo, its not one of the Five Nations, and while its allied with Breland, it is renown for its neutrality in most situations; Darguun, the goblin nation has almost no laws; and The Mournland, because only fools go in there anyway, so likely no one would chase them.

Armed with the knowledge that Burble gave them, the team went to a local inn that was licensed by House Ghallanda. At the inn Gaius made contact with the Innkeeper, and got the name Krinkle d’Ghallanda, a halfling that is a ranking member of the house, and the owner of The Inn of Happy Wenches, an official Ghallanda House of Welcome within the city of Starilaskur. Gaius was also able to get the Innkeeper to purchase some horses for the team.

As the session closes the team is preparing to set out for Starilaskur, and The Inn of Happy Wenches.

Late Evening on the 8th day of Barrakas.



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