Through the Prophet's Eye

October 7th, 2009 Session

If you only knew what I could see with your Eye.

Midday on the 22nd day of Barrakas.

As the Session opens the party is still in the streets headed for the House of Welcome. Corvus had spotted someone from the House of Sivis, and followed him with the party in tow. The run through the streets was fairly quick, but the party caught glimpses of people following them.

When the party arrived at the House of Welcome, they saw a couple of gnomes standing before the doorway. One of the gnomes gestured in front of the door, and a field of energy covered the threshold. The other gnome stepped forward and asked several pointed questions about the party’s latest activities. Gaius kept on referring to the gnome as Burble, but the whole party just played it off as Gaius’s usual eccentricities. While it seemed that the gnomes knew the party to be evasive about their activities, they did not press the issue too much. After a fairly quick series of questions, mostly about the people that attacked the party, the gnomes delivered a warning that they did not like troublemakers in their city, and dropped the field so the party could get inside to safety.

Once inside the party was able to secure some rooms, and Corvus was able to get some medical attention from a House Jorasco Medic. The Jorasco Medic offered to attempt to regenerate Corvus’s eye, but Corvus opted to just have the hole patched up for now. The Medic cleaned up the area, and offered him a selection of glass orbs to put in the socket so he wouldn’t end up being too scary looking. Corvus opted for a black orb with red swirls.

After the doctor’s visit, the party met with Corvus’s contact The Voice of Sivis. The Voice informed the party about the current status of Breland’s war with Thrane. It seems that Breland capitalized on the accusation’s that the party had assassinated The King, and that Armigero is a Paladin of the Silver Flame, as a pretense for war. The Voice also informed them that some of Thrane’s most loyal troops had mysteriously turned on their nation, and defected. The affected units were all near the border with Breland, and this caused the party to suspect that the Scarab Sickness may have had something to do with it. The Voice also told them that House Sivis would make a master librarian available to them to help them research their role in the Draconic Prophecy.

After The Voice left Armigero and Thorn asked the House Ghallanda servants if they could get messages out through them. The woman from the front desk assured them of House Ghallanda’s discretion, and told them about House Sivis Message Paper. Thorn and Armigero bought some paper and sent their messages. Armigero’s message went to the head of the local Church of The Silver Flame, warning them about the Scarab Sickness, and its possible role in the recent desertions. Thorn’s message went to his tribe, and was intended to also warn them of the impending disease.

The next day a gnome from House Sivis showed up and performed an illusion, that he called a veil, over the party so they would be invisible. He then escorted them through the streets to the Library of Korranberg. The trip was quite interesting as House Sivis had coordinated a series of carts to move through the various parts of the city, allowing the party to slip in between them so they could pass invisibly through the city without anyone bumping into them.

Once they arrived at the Library they were escorted through the massive complex (It occupies over half of the city) to one of the oldest sections; an area built by the Goblin Empire. Once they were settled in, the party met with the Master Librarian and several of his assistants. They briefing about the Draconic Prophecy regarding The Nine was fairly informative, Gaius slept through most of it, and it revealed to them that The Nine are considered to be Gatekeeper’s of key events that will take place throughout the coming times. It also states that the Eyes of Fate (The Nine) would unlock Doorways to Power. It also referenced that there were specific numbers that are significant throughout the prophecy those being one, three, and nine. Where these numbers relate to The Nine is that a number of the Eyes of Fate must be present to open certain gateways. Ones are common, threes are rare, and that there is one gate that must be opened when all nine eyes gaze upon it at once.

One of the Librarian’s assistants revealed that there were several of The Nine’s Gateways buried in the forbidden sections of the Library. The party immediately asked for access to that section, and sent away one of the assistants to get the Master Librarian.

While the party was waiting for the Librarian to arrive Corvus was hit with a wave of pain in his eye socket, and a sensation of double vision. When he closed his good eye he saw before him an image of Mr Jacobs looking at his eye that was taken, and then placing it in one of his empty eye sockets reserved for the eyes of The Nine. Mr Jacobs then looked about the room he was in, and spoke to the Eye Taker, and a few robed men in the room with him. Mr Jacobs then opened a door to what looked like a balcony. Once the window was opened Corvus could see a view of Korranberg before him.

Shocked by the sight, Corvus warned everyone that Mr Jacobs was in the city. The party sent another messenger for The Master Librarian to warn him that Jacobs was in the city, and they needed access to the forbidden areas as soon as possible. Corvus was then thrown into another series of images that showed Mr Jacobs on the move through the city. As the images progressed, Corvus could see Jacobs getting closer and closer to their location, soon entering the Library itself. As Corvus watched he soon saw Jacobs moving down familiar corridors before eventually moving into an unfamiliar section of the library.

It took only a few moments for the party to realize that Jacobs was headed into the section of the Library that they were waiting to get into. Not wanting to wait any longer the party left to give chase after Mr Jacobs and his entourage.

As the party traveled Corvus was periodically wracked with images of Jacobs marching through corridors confronting and killing Sivis guards along the way. When the team finally made it into the first of the forbidden corridors, they happened upon a room containing two gnomes in Sivis colors, accompanied by three human knights in armor. The guards all seemed a little wobbly, but before the party could get to close one of the gnomes shouted for them to halt, and as he did the party noticed a small Scarab crawl out of his nostril and squeeze into the tear duct of one of his eyes. Corvus tried to calm him, but as he stepped forward the gnome shouted out, “They are going to burn the books!”, and the knights drew their weapons.

Gaius acted first by lashing out with a crackle of lightning followed up with a thunderous boom centered between the two gnomes. The gnomes responded by shouting directly into the minds of Armigero and Gaius, compelling them to move away. Corvus told the party that it would not look good for them to kill Sivis guards, and pulled everyone away from the fight.

Heading back into the more heavily occupied sections of the Library, the party again sent a messenger for the Master Librarian. As they waited for him to arrive, Corvus again saw visions of Mr Jacobs as he entered a large room in the deeper regions of the Library. The room’s walls were covered in carvings, and as Mr Jacobs glanced around at them Corvus could make out scenes of their lives, to include the fight on top of the Lightning Rail, and the escape of The Ill Wind from the keela. Mr Jacobs gaze finally fixed on a large pair of doors that had the Draconic Rune for the concept of Three scrawled across it. Mr Jacobs then placed all three of his stolen eyes in the foremost eye sockets, and as he stared at the doors they opened of their own accord.

The party was soon joined by the Master Librarian, and once he was made aware of the situation he gave them permission to accompany him below. The party with the Librarian and a group of well armed guards moved below, and when they got to the Guards below, The Librarian spoke words out of his mouth that formed into a wall of air and sound, he then used the wall as a tool to bend around the afflicted guards so his men could engage them. With those enemies held the Librarian told the party to run after Jacobs, and that they had leave to do whatever was necessary to any who sought to block their passage.

As it turned out the halls were empty of any life, instead filled with the dead and mutilated bodies of those Sivis defenders who tried to resit Jacobs advance. Eventually the party found the room with the carving that Corvus had seen in his vision. When they looked at the now closed Runic doors, Armigero, Gaius, and Thorn’s right eyes began to tingle, and the doors swung open. Beyond the doors was a short hallway leading to a dead end room that was a massive circular domed chamber. The party saw that the floor was not attached to the walls, and when the stepped on the room’s floor, the floor sank deep into the ground.

When it stopped, several minutes later, they saw two massive doors before them. As the doors swung open they were immediately set upon by a wave of heat and bright light. Once the doors had fully opened they saw three great warriors seemingly made of pure flame, with two of Mr Jacobs robed men standing behind them.

The party asked no questions, and Gaius leapt to the forefront of the battle running straight up to the warriors, and evoking an arcane blast of thunder from about his feet and into the fiery warriors, and then sailing over their heads, propelled by the force of the blast to land between them and the robed men, again unleashing a massive peal of thunder that knocked all of them aside. The fiery guards turned to attack him, but he quickly teleported back near the party, and made way for Armigero’s charge. Armigero plowed into one of the guards, delivering a mighty blow. Unfortunately for the party the following moments would not go as well as the opening did.

After Armigero’s charge two of the guards sliced him with blows from Greataxes made of pure flame that they seemed to conjure into their hands. The blows were massive, and Armigero was bathed in flame. The robed men decided to make sure that the rest of the party wouldn’t feel left out, so they sent two massive blast of flame amongst the party members still on the elevator. Corvus charged forward, and set out a small figurine that would assist him in his healing, and he immediately went to work on tending to Armigero’s wounds with one of his healing infusions. Thorn meanwhile ran close to the guards, and struck out with his Zulaat at the warrior that had been the focus of Armigero’s first attacks.

With the melee now set the party would engage in all out combat with the fiery warriors while the robed men would blast away with evocations of fire and flame. Gaius would try and get a bolt of lightning in amongst the enemies as often as possible, but the smoke and haze often confounded his shots.

The battle was mostly uphill as the party’s enemies seemed to have no end to the amount of fiery pain they could bring down on the heroes in the tight hallway. Finally one of the warriors fell, and as he did the battle tide turned. The party would beat these foes, but Corvus had to use every healing trick he knew to keep the party from being burned down by their enemies.

As the party surveyed their victory Armigero noticed a tattoo on the neck of one of the robed men: it was a warped version of the mark of The Silver Flame. It was a version meant not to honor the Silver Flame, but the Demonic godling that it held at bay. These men were followers of The Shadow in the Flame. Their mark was also underscored by a sword symbol that looked like the mark of soldiers from Paladin Genero’s unit.

Not wanting Mr Jacobs to get too far ahead the party ran down the hallway, and pushed into another large room, with minor carvings, and a Runic Door. This door had already been opened by Mr Jacobs, and he was standing just on the other side of it. Beside him stood the betrayer Genero. The party entered the carved room, but before they could reach the Runic door and their adversary, Jacobs shut the door. The door behind them slammed shut too, trapping the party.

As the session closes the party is watching in dread as hundreds of thousands of Mr Jacob’s Scarab constructs pour into the center of the room from the shadowy corners where they had silently waited.

Afternoon on the 23rd day of Barrakas.



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