Through the Prophet's Eye

September 23rd, 2009 Session

Wow, he’s a lot bigger than before!

Just after Midnight on the 18th day of Barrakas.

As the session opened the party was headed out in front of the Inn, and preparing to do battle with Rubel. Rubel had grown into a very large monstrosity, and was covered in undead flesh, reinforced with steel structures inside. Rubel held Lord Gladwin aloft in one of his hands, and was stomping amongst the lifeless forms of many halfling defenders.

Gaius Stormcaller cut loose a bolt of lightning into the monster, while Uther rushed forward leaping the distance between himself and Rubel, to deliver a furious blow. Rubel knocked Uther aside and drove forward to where the rest of the party stood. Rubel’s attack would prove to be a disgusting event as his threw off an explosion of tiny metal scarabs; where the scarabs found flesh they burrowed. Corvus, Armigero, Uther and Gaius all had the pleasure of experiencing the scarabs’ stinging touch. When the creatures finally left their hosts they would drag the portions of the hosts with them. When the scarabs could not be brought down before getting to Rubel, they would add their ill gotten gains to the greater mass that was Rubel.

Thorn rushed towards Rubel, and quickly wrested Lord Gladwin away from his grasp. Thorn then sprinted away from the battle to drop off Gladwin in a safe location. Eventually Thorn returned to the battle, but he ordered his pet Chomper to stay away from the battle as the destructive activities of Rubel proved to be too much for the animal.

Besides his scarab trick, Rubel mostly tried to smash his massive fists into the party sending individuals sprawling away from him when he struck home. Rubel also utilized a mental attack that confused members of the party causing them to turn and attack one another. The party mounted a strong offense though, and with their combined might they eventually brought Rubel down.

After the battle, the party attempted to catch their breath when Lord Gladwin revealed to them that Prince Oargev’s “Palace” was under attack as well. Rushing to the scene the party found that the structure was on fire, and that Prince Oargev was supposed to be trapped still inside. Armigero attempted to bash the front doors in, but they didn’t fall until Thorn rushed in behind him to help.

Once inside the team moved through the smoke and haze until they were able to get to the Prince’s chambers. Once there the team found the prince surrounded by six of the Undead Construct Doppelgangers like the ones that attacked the Inn. As the party entered the room the Doppelgangers were finishing off the last of the Prince’s guards.

Uther rushed forward to the Prince’s defense, followed quickly by Thorn. Meanwhile the rest of the team isolated and proceeded to cut down the enemies. The battle proved to be difficult for the team mostly due to their battle weary state. The creatures were quick and aggressive, but the real threat was their tendency to go berserk once they were highly injured. Armigero suffered the worst of the creatures’ berserker rages at one point finally being knocked unconscious by the attacks. The Prince himself attempted to motivate the party members, and was able to use healing magic to help get the team through the battle. In the end the creatures were brought down by the superior tactics and skill of the team.

Prince Oargev was extremely thankful, and between him and the Breland Lords the party was well rewarded for their activities that evening. Oargev was interested in what the party’s next plans were, and offered to help them bank roll their continuing war against the conspiracy of Mr Jacobs.

Dawn on the 18th day of Barrakas.



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