Through the Prophet's Eye

September 2nd, 2009 Session

To Starilaskur

Late Evening on the 8th day of Barrakas.

As the session opens the team is preparing to set out for Starilaskur, and The Inn of Happy Wenches. Gaius picked up the horses that he had arranged for, and the group got on the road. Thorn had some trouble sorting out the best path to take, but luckily Gromril was able to get him pointed in the right direction.

While on the road the party was overcome with fatigue, and was thrust into a state similar to that of The Prophecy Dream. This time they were not shown the distant future, but instead the current time in a distant place. This dream opened with eight members of The Nine present again in The King’s reception chamber. While they could all see each other, they didn’t seem to be able to hear one another. The chamber brightened, and they saw Mr Jacobs, King Boranel ir’Wynarn, and Prince Boranel ir’Wynarn II; also present was the construct from The Prophecy Dream. Mr Jacobs spoke to the King and told him that the Moons were properly aligned, and that they could begin.

The King ordered the guards to “Bring her in.” Upon his orders Aviel Sulamon, one of the members of The Nine, was brought into the Chamber. Aviel appeared beaten, bruised and incapacitated. She was dragged to the machine, and like in The Prophecy Dream, she was fed to the construct. The King then turned to his son, and told him that he was sorry, and ordered Mr Jacobs to begin the process. The construct seized The King and The Prince, and an energy transfer happened between the two of them.

At the same time each of the remaining members of The Nine felt a surge of power and pain pour into them. A burning feeling formed on their chests, and they felt some of the energy from the machine pour into them as well.

The King’s body fell limply to the ground, and The Prince moved away from the machine’s grasp with a sense of confidence and intelligence not previously seen in the dim-witted youth. The Prince, and now new King, stretched himself, and commented that at least the boy was in good shape. He then looked to Mr Jacobs and asked “Did everything happen as we planned? Am I whole once again?”

“As I told you, my King. The transference is not complete. With the other members of The Nine still alive some of her power will have gone to them as well.” spoke Mr Jacobs. After this the scene faded and each of the party members awoke still in the saddles of their mounts.

Each of them looked at their chests and noticed an Aberrant Dragonmark that appeared over the center of their chest. They could feel within them a new pulse of power. When Corvus looked at it he recognized it as the Draconic Rune for the concept of Fate. While this mark does make itself known in Prophecy, he could never remember it appearing directly; instead it appears in the patterns in which Dragonmarks manifest. None of the characters knew what this event will mean for them, but there is no mistaking the increase in power that they each felt.

Over the course of the next seven days the party made their way across the Brelish farmlands to arrive in Starilaskur. After taking some quick measures to disguise themselves; the party broke up into a few small groups and attempts to mingle with the crowd entering the city. Unfortunately Thorn and Corvus are not quite up to the task, and draw attention to themselves by angering a caravan that they are trying to slip into. Two guards from the front gate move to investigate, but before they can single Thorn and Corvus out, Gaius sweeps in and distracts the guards with questions of brothels and the beautiful women of Starilaskur that await a road weary traveler.

Once they were all within the city, the characters individually made their way to The Inn of Happy Wenches. Along the way they found that Wanted Posters are up within the city depicting each of the members of The Nine, and claiming that they are responsible for the assassination of The King. The bounty on their heads is set at 1,000 GP per person. Gaius was the first to enter the Inn. He attempted to make contact with Krinkle d’Ghallanda the owner of the Inn. Gaius enjoyed the spirit of welcome that fills the establishment, and after speaking to the woman at the front desk, he went into the bar and waited. A short while later a halfling appeared behind the bar, and introduced himself as Krinkle. Gaius and he moved into Krinkle’s office. After entering the room Gaius noticed that Krinkle had several Wanted Posters on a wall behind him, and one of them includes The Nine. Gaius asked for the protection of the party under the terms of Welcome that House Ghallanda is known for. Krinkle agreed, but explained that such welcome is not without costs, and that the standard rates of protection for wanted men is one forth the requested bounty per night. At the stiff rate of 250 GP per night, Gaius calculated that the team would be bankrupt in short order. Krinkle seemed to notice Gaius’s discomfort, and suggested to him that the rates are very different for friends of House Ghallanda. Gaius asked what must be done to earn the friendship of House Ghallanda, to which Krinkle replied that he has a job for Gaius and his friends. Krinkle then told him that he will charge the party 20 GP each for the night, and would discuss terms for earning the House’s friendship in the morning.

The next morning the party was brought back into Krinkle’s office, and offered the job of escorting a friend of House Ghallanda off of the premises and onto an Airship bound for New Cyre. Upon arrival in New Cyre the party is told that they can enjoy safe haven at the Ghallanda enclave there for free for two weeks. The party accepted Krinkle’s terms, and were then introduced to Lord Michael Langrish, a member of the Breland House of Lords, who is apparently also on the run from the King of Breland. Gaius talked Lord Langrish into changing into slightly less obvious clothing, and to leave his luggage behind. The party then used a secret exit from in the basement of the building that leads into the sewers.

The team hurried as quickly as they could through the sewers, concerned by a report from Krinkle that one of the last groups to leave The Inn of Happy Wenches this way encountered some “Trouble.” Things were going well with Thorn leading the way, until the party was ambushed by an elven woman, and her allies.

The first to appear was the woman, reaching around a corner to conjure forth a waterspout of elemental force in the middle of the sewage. Then two shadows slipped around a corner to appear amongst the party, and attack Corvus and Lord Langrish. Thorn attacked the woman first, but her powers over the wind battered and pushed him back towards the group, and the oncoming waterspout. The two shadows coalesced into dark elf warriors, and they carried blades made of shadow. The waterspout continued to draw party members towards it, dragging them away from the elven mage, while she pushed Thorn back into the melee every time he escaped. Corvus, Gromril, and Gaius concentrated on the two dark elves, while Thorn and Armigero engaged the whirlwind, leaving the mage alone to snipe at the party.

The team of Corvus, Gaius and Gromril did well at first. There attacks seemed to be weakening the shadowy rogues, while Gromril harried the elves forcing them to concentrate their blows on him. The only down side was the shadowy blades seemed to ignore Gromril’s armor, and the damage they did prevented his wounds from closing easily. All was going their way; Lord Langrish even had time to slip away from the melee, when one of the dark elves produced a zone of complete darkness around Gromril, his ally and himself so intense that Corvus and Gaius were blinded to what happened within.

Meanwhile Armigero and Thorn moved against the waterspout. Whatever the thing was, it seemed to almost ignore the attacks of Thorn, but when Armigero cut loose with a blow inspired with The Silver Flame’s holy might, the whirlwind howled in anguish. Blasting the creature to the edge of death, Armigero struggled to finally land a death blow on its willowy form, while Thorn continued his attacks from behind.

The other three heroes finally gained headway once the wall of darkness fell, but with in seconds of finally seeing their opponents again, Gromril fell to another shadowy slice. Gaius and Corvus redoubled their efforts on the more wounded of the two elves, and when they seemed to finally have him on the ropes, the elf turned into a shadow again, and ran through a wall of the sewer. Corvus quickly healed Gromril, bringing the dwarf back from the edge. The elven mage commanded the remaining dark elf to “Ignore the guards, they mean nothing. Kill Lord Langrish, he is all that matters!”

About that time Armigero finally landed the death blow on the waterspout, but in death the beast dealt one last blow to the party; it exploded in a blast of elemental power, and each of the party members was tossed about the sewers like twigs. The lone dark elf then turned and ran towards Langrish attacking in the confusion of the moment. Luckily a boost of arcane vitality that was placed on Langrish earlier in the battle by Corvus acted to ablate the attacks of the dark elf. The party righted themselves, and split to attack the mage and her dark companion.

The attacks against the dark elf were quick, and decisive. Seeing himself outnumbered, and already bleeding from multiple wounds, the remaining rogue also turned into shadow, and slipped through some cracks in the walls. With the last of her allies gone, the mage pronounced, “We shall meet again.”, and then she teleported away.

After taking a brief rest the party moved the rest of the way through the sewers, and exited close to the airship docks. Lord Langrish explained that they need only get onto the platform to be on House Lyrander territory, and from there they would be free from further attacks. Feeling confident about their prospects, the team rounded a corner on the street, when they saw an array of Breland Military guarding the roads to the docks.

Gaius thought a distraction would be best, so he started a small fire in an alley. Gaius then ran up to the captain of the guard team, and told them that he saw some strange people starting a fire. He also told them that he thought they might be the men they are looking for. Surprisingly the Guard Captain bought it, and he sent a few of his men away to check out the disturbance.

Waiting until the dispatched guards were well out of view, Gaius turned back to his team and gave them a go signal. As the session closed the team prepared to do battle with the remaining guards, and make a run for the airship docks.

Mid-Day on the 16th day of Barrakas.



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