Through the Prophet's Eye

September 30th, 2009 Session

And then he took my Eye!!!

Dawn on the 18th day of Barrakas.

The session opened with the party having just rescued Prince Oargev ir’Wynarn. The party made its way back to the Inn of Welcome in town, but after looking it over they instead decided to stay at a local warehouse that the Prince had cleared out so he and the party could rest.

After sleeping off the previous evenings battles the party met with Prince Oargev, and Lord Langrish. Prince Oargev and Lord Langrish offered to back the party in their actions against Mr Jacobs and The King. Prince Oargev also announced that he had chartered the services of The Ill Wind, and her Captain, Jenna d’Lyrander. The party expressed their gratitude for the ship’s services, but also told the Prince that they felt that they must first try to understand their role in The Draconic Prophecy. So it was decided that the party would fly to Korranberg, to seek the aid of House Sivis and the knowledge contained within the Library of Korranberg.

Before setting out Corvus was contacted by The Voice of Sivis, a person he had worked for in the past. Corvus did not reveal too much about the conversation, but he did say that The Voice would be arranging a distraction in Korranberg, when the party landed, so they would not draw the notice of The Trust.

Feeling confident the party started preparing for the flight when Thorn decided to investigate the bodies of the creatures that attacked them the night before. Armigero, Gaius, and Uther joined Thorn in his inspection of the bodies. After examining the bodies Uther was able to determine that the flesh of the creatures was killed very recently, and was then animated almost immediately. Gaius examined the construct aspects of the creatures, and was able to determine that the metal construct was not one construct, but hundreds of smaller scarab-like creatures. After learning these little tidbits, the party was able to determine that the scarabs were behaving in a more disease-like fashion, and were turning people into these creatures from the inside out.

Thorn was the first to realize the implications of this discovery, they all fought Rubel the night before, and he has used bursts of scarabs to attack them then, so they too might be infected. After this realization Corvus inspected everyone with his knowledge of healing. Corvus found that Gaius, Thorn, and Uther were all infected, and that he and Chomper showed signs of having been infected but that they had fought off the disease. With the application of Corvus’s ritual magic knowledge he was able to remove the diseases from all three of them, but at quite a bit of cost to the infected persons health. Gaius and Thorn were able to recover quickly, but Uther needed the rest of the day. Corvus looked over the crew of The Ill Wind, and found that some of them were infected as well. Rather than wait for her crew to heal up Captain d’Lyrander instead swapped out her infected personnel with non-infected personnel from another ship. Following all of this, the party informed Prince Oargev of their findings so he could take similar measures to clean up the population of New Cyre.

The party finished their preparations and left for Korranberg. During the flight that night the party was drawn into another Prophecy Dream. In this one the party were gathered in The King’s audience chamber with all of the members of The Nine, except for Gromril. Mr Jacobs and The King were there with the machine, and in short order Gromril was brought in. Without much preamble Gromril was fed to the machine, and The King was one life stronger while Mr Jacobs became one eye richer as well. Gaius took the opportunity to make some obscene gestures at Mr Jacobs, and was shocked when Jacobs returned the gesture behind The King’s back. In the closing moments of the dream Mr Jacobs picked up the bloodied remains of Gromril’s Gufu Bag, and whispered, “ Burble ”.

Following the dream Gaius called Burble on his Whisper Stone and warned him that Mr Jacobs was on to him. Burble told Gaius that he would have to leave Three Rail Junction, but that he would be in touch.

When the party got close to Korranberg Corvus called The Voice of Sivis, and let him know when they would be arriving. When the party made landfall, they started to head to a Ghallanda House of Welcome near the library, but they found that the town square surrounding the Sky Port was filled shoulder to shoulder with people. The party started to squeeze through the crowd, with Corvus, Gaius, and Thorn making good progress, while Armigero and Uther started to fall behind. About the time that the lead party members noticed the stragglers they were attacked by cloaked assailants. At first the attackers took quick swipes at each of them, using the crush of the crowd to attack and blend back in. The enemy was mostly successful, except for the ones that attacked Thorn and Chomper. Once the party moved to engage Thorn’s assailant the rest revealed themselves, and the party found themselves in a difficult melee.

Not wanting to harm the innocents in the crowd the party had to squeeze themselves into the small spaces left between the panicking crowd members. Unfortunately for the citizens and the party, the assailants did not seem to have the same concerns. Gaius fell back to where Armigero and Uther stood, so he could assist them, while Corvus, Chomper, and Thorn teamed up to eliminate their attackers. Unfortunately for Corvus this left the three of them outnumbered, and the enemy used that advantage to surround and attack him.

In the back of the battle things faired a bit better with Armigero’s powerful armor able to turn back his attacker’s blows. Uther lashed out with his monk’s fighting strikes, and abused his opponent. Gaius delivered a few bolts here and there, but the crush of the crowd caused a few of his strikes to go wide.

The conflict seemed fairly evenly matched, when another attacker appeared on top of a small building looking over the square. It was The Huntress. She stepped forward and flashed out a chilly blast of ice and wind that split between Corvus, Chomper and Thorn isolating Corvus with his previous attackers. The ice and wind then solidified into a wall that kept Thorn and Chomper from being able to get to Corvus. The Huntress then yelled out “Now!”, and a shadowy form sprang from the roof near Corvus, he delivered a quick blow with a dagger that completely paralyzed Corvus for a moment. With the opening of Corvus’s paralysis the attacker then produced a device in his other hand that he used to stab into Corvus’s eye socket, and yank out his eye.

The party was shocked for a moment but Gaius quickly used his own wind powers to throw The Huntress from the building top right to Armigero’s feet. Armigero reacted quickly dropping two mighty strikes onto The Huntress, staggering her.

Gaius was impressed by the fact that The Huntress was still standing after the attacks, and said, “That’s some impressive armor. Where did you get it?”

The Huntress responded, “It should be impressive. You made it for me, lover.”

The Huntress proved to be both powerful and shrewd though. She stepped away from the combat, and told Gaius, “I’ll see you again soon, my husband”, and showed him a marriage ring that she was wearing on her finger. She then teleported out of sight.

Once the Huntress left the Eye Taker followed suit and made ready to leave. Just before he teleported away though, Uther got a few good blows in on him. With the Eye Taker and The Huntress both gone, the remaining assailants quickly began to fall. A couple of them tried to surrender, but Corvus would not allow the insult of his lost eye to go unanswered, and quickly killed any of the enemies that tried to surrender. One of the attackers did run away into the streets, and the party gave up the pursuit so they could get to safety quickly.

As the session closed the party had finally made it into the House of Welcome, and were tending their wounds.

Midday on the 22nd day of Barrakas.



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