Through the Prophet's Eye

September 9th, 2009 Session

We’ll be safe once we’re on the airship

Mid-Day on the 16th day of Barrakas.

After receiving the signal from Gaius the party left the alley and approached the remaining guards. The Starilaskur Watch Captain, backed by two soldiers and an archer told the team to halt. When they didn’t slow down he sent one of his soldiers forward to halt them. As the soldier approached the party noticed that four more guards were hidden on top of the buildings around them. When they thought they could get no closer with out the soldier attacking them, they made the first move.

Gromril, Thorn, Armigero and Corvus surrounded the guard, and began an abusive melee. Gaius threw forth a couple of arcing lightning bolts that killed all four guards on the roof tops. Things seemed well in hand until the Watch Captain started blowing a whistle to summon more guards.

The Captain and his two soldiers were not too difficult to handle, and in time the first soldier fell. The archer proved to be a bit more difficult to deal with as he seemed to be using some kind of blunted arrows to rattle the party members. As the battle continued new guards would run towards the battle, but many of them would quickly be cut down by Thorn as he tapped into the techniques that he had learned by observing snakes in the wild.

The party continued to push closer to the airship tower and the safety of House Lyrander’s territory. When an opening finally appeared Corvus shouted for Lord Langrish to make a run for it. Hot on the heels of the noble, Corvus followed and got the both of them onto the tower platform. Seeing the actions of their comrade the rest of the team started making a break for it as well. Soon only Gromril and Thorn were left in the melee with the guards, but unfortunately their were more coming, and some of these were archers. As Gromril tried to move past the remaining soldier, he was knocked unconscious by the blunted arrows of the archers. Thorn valiantly looked to drag him to safety, but seeing the disadvantage of numbers that he was suffering from, he was forced to abandon his friend to his fate.

On the platform the House Lyrander guards immediately halted the party members as they arrived and were told that House Lyrander did not want to be involved, and that once on the platform the party would not be allowed to interact with the battle below. Resigned to the fact that Gromril could not be helped right now, the party pressed forward with their mission, and delivered Lord Langrish to his ship.

Lord Langrish produced tickets for himself and the party members, and with ticket in hand the party boarded the Lyrander ship, The Ill Wind. Once aboard the vessel the team was introduced to two other members of Breland’s House of Lords; Lord Thomas Wright, and Lord John Gladwin. Lord Gladwin had the interesting ability to always be able to detect a lie when spoken to him, and under his gaze the party related all of the events of their dealings with The King, and Mr Jacobs. While they are speaking to the Lords the party noticed that another member of The Nine was on board. Uther introduced himself, and explained that he made it on board after escorting Lord Wright to this location.

The party eventually took rest while the ship was underway, but during the night Thorn noticed an immense shadow move quickly across the ground below them. Fearing something horrible coming Thorn looked ahead to see a stone tower on a hill sized ball of earth descend from the clouds before them. Thorn awoke the party, and rushed to the captain of The Ill Wind. The captain dismissed Thorn’s warning saying, “That is a Breland warship. They would never damage their standing with House Lyrander by violating our neutrality.” With the Captain unwilling to listen the party awoke Lord Langrish. When Lord Langrish saw the tower coming, he ran to the captain to tell her to turn away, but it was too late. As the ship began to turn the Tower fired to ballista bolts into the ship’s port side, and with chains attached, the ship was dragged towards the tower. The party began to scramble, and prepare for the coming assault when the tower dropped a draw bridge onto the side of the ship.

The first wave of troops rushed across as the bridge fell, but immediately after them Gaius called forth a whirlwind to blast the next group of soldiers. With Gaius’s whirlwind blasting soldiers off of the bridge, and plummeting to their death, the party engaged the few troops that had made it across. These initial soldiers were an easy task for them, and seeing that his friends had things well in hand, Thorn moved below deck to see if he could dislodge the Grappling Bolts. The tower archers let loose with a hail of arrows that struck party, and The Ill Wind’s Captain.

Below deck Thorn started hacking at the grappling hook that had pierced the hull. A few solid blasts knocked loose the first of the four prongs on the hook, but Thorn recognized that there would be quite a bit of work before the ship would be free.

On deck the team was mopping up the last of the first wave and the single soldier from the second wave, when soldiers riding griffons descended to the decks and charged Armigero and Corvus. The griffon riders’ assault and the constant volleys of arrows turned the tide against the party. While the team struggles against their enemies, they could hear a female voice calling out orders and shouting abuses at the tower troops. It was the elven mage that attacked them in the sewers earlier that day. Gaius continued to manipulate his Whirlwind eventually moving it against one of the griffon riders while Thorn and Armigero concentrated on the other one. Eventually they were able to kill one of the griffons and his rider. When they only had one team left Corvus called on his arcane power to banish the rider to a pocket dimension, while Armigero and Gaius brought down his mount.

As the last enemies were being killed on deck, Thorn broke the third prong off of the grappling hook, and watched it tear free of the hull. Thorn then moved into the next room to find that the crew had been busily working on their hook, but with significantly less success. With Thorn their to do the heavy lifting the last hook was broken loose, and the ship tore free from the tower’s hold.

As the session closed The Ill Wind sailed free from the tower as the enraged elven mage’s words echoed across the expanse, and with an audible pop the poor banished Breland soldier reappeared from the dimension that Corvus sent him to, and plummeted to his death.

Just after Midnight on the 17th day of Barrakas.



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