Mr Jacobs appears to be a human male that has the power to manipulate arcane magics.

He was first seen in The Prophecy Dream that brought The Nine together. In that vision he was seen in service to King Boranel of Breland. King Boranel claims that Mr Jacobs has seen multiple futures for him, and that many of them ended with Breland splitting into multiple weaker nations. At one point in the dream Mr Jacobs is seen calling forth an Arcane Construct that was layered with flesh and steel. He was also seen taking one of the eyes of each member of The Nine, and placing them in eye sockets that ring his head; after this he proclaims to King Boranel that his “full vision” is now available to him.

The party has witnessed that Mr Jacobs has successfully transferred The King’s essence into the body of his son. This was facilitated when Aviel Sulamon was offered to the machine. They also witnessed Mr Jacobs gaining Aviel’s eye.

Through the stories of Lord Michael Langrish, the team discovered that Mr Jacobs apparently appeared from out of The Mournland, while he was guiding refugees from Cyre. Mr Jacobs apparently rose to prominence within The King’s Court after predicting and preventing the ambushes of several military units. In time Mr Jacobs gained direct access to the king, and within weeks The King could not be seen without Mr Jacobs at his side.

It has been revealed that the enemy known as Mr. Jacobs is in fact a Dragon, and that his actual name is Ja’Co’Bari.


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