King Boranel ir'Wynarn

King Boranel ir’Wynarn was a Human Male, and was the former Crowned King of Breland.

It has been reported that he has been assassinated by nine former heroes of Breland. His son has taken up the crown now, and The Nine believe that secretly the old king has transferred his essence into the body of his son.

Below is an excerpt from the Eberron Player’s Guide:

The people of Breland are fond of their venerable sovereign. King Boranel allows his people an unparalleled degree of freedom. The parliament supporting and enforcing Boranel’s rule is elected by popular vote, and this level of civic participation translates into a powerful loyalty on the part of the citizenry. However, King Boranel’s health is failing, and some Brelish are uncertain if any of his potential heirs can live up to his example.

King Boranel ir'Wynarn

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