The Prophecy Dream

The Prophecy Dream refers to an event that took place on the 7th day of Barrakas 998YK. This event was a dreamlike event where in The Prophet David brought together the members of The Nine and showed them the events that would take place that evening.

In the dream the members of the nine were murdered and butchered by a construct that was summoned by Mr Jacobs in service to King Boranel. The Nine were lured to this event with the promise that they were to be honored by the King for heroic actions rendered in service to Breland. At a private ceremony The Nine were directly spoken to by the King. Boranel explained to them that he was feeling trapped due to the fact that Mr Jacobs had foreseen great doom for the Kingdom of Breland after King Boranel died. It seems that no matter which King Boranel leaves the kingdom to, the ultimate result is that within a few years the nation falls to internal dispute and is carved into many weaker nations. However the King and Mr Jacobs were not without a plan to change this possible future. It seems that the King had found a way to change the future by transferring his soul into the body of his son Boranel II.

The Prophet David showed The Nine the entire events of the day that they were to be honored right up to and including their deaths and ritual sacrifice in the construct that facilitates not just the transference of Boranel’s soul, but also the empowerment of Mr Jacobs by the taking of their eyes. It seems that Mr Jacobs would also benefit from these events.

David then spoke to The Nine in the dream state and gave them the options of picking a different future, one in which they could try and beat this fate. Only five members of The Nine took David up on his offer to help them escape.

The Prophecy Dream

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