The Trust

The Trust is a shadowy organization within Zilargo. They serve as the nations secret police.

Enclosed is an excerpt from The Eberron Campaign Guide:

If the peaceful streets of Zilargo seem too good to be true. it’s because they are. The security enjoyed by the gnomes of this land comes at a price. The nation is patrolled by an order of secret police- spies and assassins who answer only to the Triumvirate, and who are authorized to preserve the peace by any means necessary.

A foreigner who finds himself on the wrong side of a first offense in Zilargo is likely to be given a second chance, Perhaps he’ll find a mild poison in his drink, along with a warning to watch his step. A thief might have her ill-gotten gains stolen back before she can fence them. replaced with a note ordering her to flee the country at once. Targets who do not listen. or who go too far, are simply eliminated.

Agents of the Trust do their best to perform assassinations quietly. Poison is a favorite tool, but not the only one at their disposal. However, the Trust seeks to act before a crime has been committed whenever possible. Characters planning sedition or a heist are likely to receive a whispered ghost sound warning from unseen agents-a warning they would be wise to heed.

It is possible to outwit the Trust, since its agents can’t be everywhere at once. Howeevr, the air of omnipresence and omniscience generated by the order is enough to keep most would·be criminals in line.

The Trust

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